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There are thoughts of things you like. Is that way cool 247? Are you thinking about them constantly day and night? If so, then you're obviously nuts.What about the acquisition of what you want? Are you thinking more now and getting it less?

Times have changed. The average person is thinking about money. Most folk are thinking "how can I get it and how can I keep it." Understand the truth about the so-called almighty dollar. It's losing value constantly. Do you want a shinny new car? Perhaps you would like a new kitchen table. You might even want a new romantic relationship. What about more sex? Don't worry. Santa Clause is going to take care of everything. Is there really a Santa Clause? I write this not to bash the dollar or make fun of anyone's fantasy. Let's just consider truth in reality.

You can have anything you want in the free world. Where's that? Ancient scripture reveals this: "Success is not numbers." The foolish find ancient writings silly. This is a statement that has baffled me and has also brought me to immediate success and gratification.

Did I achieve coolness by getting gratified? My next door neighbor doesn't know, however reserves a sense of humor, as they attempt to study my "Jones." My "Jones" or dependency is life in it's abundance. Ha! I just got a new toy.

We will present to you, over 107 way cool things that you can tell your neighbors about and rejoice in splender. Everybody likes to have a good time. Money is not always the element of most interest. There are trending topics that we will discuss. Somewhere down the road, there is the Volcano, William Shakespeare, Malcolm X, Avatar, Bob Marley, List of Lost Episodes, Madonna (entertainer), Google and much more.

Who's who and what's the coolest? Do you really want to know? Unlike Alexander III of Macedon (20/21 July 356 � 10/11 June 323 BC), commonly known as Alexander the Great, we don't need to take over. We are not seeking the ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea. No, we are not thinking about invading anyone and making it appear to be righteous. Give me enough biscuits and gravy, with a regular message and I'll be satisfied. Is that coolness? Wait! "There's more to my coolness then what meets the eye. Modus operandi, steady be high." - Taba

Everyday there's something new and I dare say we will bring you the news as it is and when it happens. Could the missing plane have landed? Is there another Ceasefire declared in Gaza, southern Israel? What about Chris Brown being out of rehabilitation and into custody? Did you say Justin Bieber or was that The people vs Bieber court case? What's way cool 247 will go beyond this stuff and find answers to problems. Think not of what we can do for you but rather think what you can do for your us. Ha! No we're not trying to get your money. It's quite the contrary. Yes, we will serve as your outlet. You now have a place to rant and I know much of it will be about making money. Don't worry. We got you. Better yet, enter your email address and get updates on the latest WayCool247 Free Music.

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